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We provide the latest and most cutting edge technology suited for your workplace. Products available:

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Using print audit software, we strive to understand your current situation and give advice based on facts! Get in touch today to arrange a FREE OF CHARGE print audit.

Locally based service engineers on hand to handle any issues! Inclusive of all call outs, parts, labour, toners, cartridges, drums, fusers, waste toner units, transfer belts, maintenance kits, service and support! Essentially


everything other than the paper and electricity you use!


No more storing expensive toners on your shelves that you pay tor upfront!


No warranty that expires!


Pay For what you use, regardless of what you get from a cartridge!


Easy to budget as each print is charged tor at a set rate to help control your expenditure!

Simple, & Fair


There’s a lot of companies out there ready to catch you out - look out for tricks... 

Unfortunately, this is a market place full of cons and tricks put there to catch businesses out.


You may already be well aware of some of these, however, contracts are becoming more and more cleverly worded and it is becoming much more difficult to spot the cons!


A lot of proposals will feature a ‘headline price‘ to lure businesses in and sting them later on down the line.


Here are just a few that we have come across in the market (we know of many more) — Note that you will NEVER find any of these inour contracts!

Multiple clicks per colour print:

One for Cyan, one for Magenta, one for Yellow and one added to the Black meter.
They often pose a cheapish price and then catch you with this one making the print cost very high. They often use the word per colour, not per colour print.

Coverage limitations: 

Again, they’ll make the click costs look cheapish and then sting you for coverage in excess of 5% on black and then over 20% coverage in colour! it's a real money spinner for them (and frankly how on earth do you know if they’re being truthful about your page coverage?).

Parts Warranties

Many suppliers now get you to sign up and after the first twelve months they start charging you for a parts warranty. it's just a made up term for we’re going to help ourselves to an extra £50 or £100 of your money each quarter (normally
hidden in the small print on the back of their agreement)!

Huge increase in cost per page:

We’ve seen clients’ charges treble inside two years and they had the cheek to remove toner from being included so charged for it in addition to the copy charges!

Delivery charges for toner and other consumables: 

This has become a lot more popular in recent times as companies look toincrease profits.

Our Customers Get Contracts Without The Cons


Have you ever considered the real cost of printing consumables?

Many businesses believe that purchasing what we would call a ‘toner out device for a small amount of money would be the most cost effective option to fulfil their printing needs.


The truth is that many that many suppliers will sell these devices with a ‘stack them high, sell them cheap' approach knowing full well that you will then go on to spend astronomical amounts purchasing the consumables to run them.


Many of these devices come with just a one year warranty and have parts within them that once that warranty expires, are more expensive to replace than the device was to purchase in the first place!

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